Monday, April 14, 2014

Trail Running

I love to run.  In fact, I would rather run than do anything else exercise wise.  I love where it takes me.  I love that you can do it anywhere, and I mean anywhere!  All you need is a good pair of shoes and comfy clothes.  This time of year {spring time} I feel like a kid who has been cooped up all winter long and finally gets to go outside and play.  I love heading up into the mountains for a little trail running - I live in Utah and I am 10 min. away from the closest trail.  Yep, I know, I feel pretty lucky to live in this beautiful state.  Running on a trail for me is so much more enjoyable than the streets.  Every time I hit a trail, I see something different.  It is fun to run over rocks, bridges or jump over a stream.  
Here is what I like to take with me.
You really don't need to take anything but I am like a boy scout and like to be prepared at all times!

Water pack - I don't have anything fancy.  I bought mine at Ross for $15.
Obviously fill that up with water!!!
A little snack - PB M&M's are awesome to take because of the protein yet they have sugar so it acts fast.
Kleenex or TP.  You never know when you are going to need it.
Band Aid - Just in case
A cell phone, if you have somewhere to carry it. Someone from our running group always has theirs.  Don't carry it in your hand because if you fall your cell phone will fall too.  You get the idea?!!!
And trail shoes, if you have them.
Here is some of my personal advice.
{I am no professional runner but I have run many a miles on a trail!}
NEVER go alone - if you HAVE TO take your dog, or the neighbors dog, or mace or something like that, because it can be scary.
I don't love running trails with music.  If music is a must leave one headphone out so you can be courteous of those trying to pass, especially bikers.
Say hello.  Some people take it too seriously.  it is too beautiful up on the trails to not smile, say hello, and simply enjoy your walk/run!  Now, if you are not a runner try walking the trails, then little by little add a light jog.  It will feel a little different, you really have to watch your footing.  You might fall so please be careful.  It is different than running the streets and you will use different muscles than you are used to.

I hope you will try a little trail running to add variety to your workout.
Just remember, no littering.  If you pack it in, pack it out!!!
Happy Trails!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

DIY Glue Dots

I sure wish I could find a little motivation to scrapbook again.  I used to do it all the time.  But when I find my motivation I will remember these DIY glue dots.  Now that I think about it glue dots can be used for other projects besides scrapbooking.  The best part about these is that they are reusable so you can use them for temporary projects BUT they will stick and stay if you want to use them for permanent projects, too!  I do have to do a shout out to my scrapbooking friend who taught me this.  Thanks, friend.  Now, all you need is this Tack It and a little wax paper to store them on. 
All you do is put little dots {the size you want your glue dots} all over your wax paper, let dry, and you are done.
Pretty awesome, right?
Now, what will you make or do with all of these DIY glue dots?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Upcycled Skirt

Did you know that March is National Craft Month?  I didn't know either but, it is!  My friend Steph from Crafting In The Rain is celebrating all month long.  She asked several bloggers and me to celebrate with her by choosing a letter and making something that starts with or uses the letter.  I chose the letter U because I wanted to do something with the U of U since she is a BYU fan!!!!  Well, I changed my mind last minute and decided to do an upcycled skirt because my little girl is in need of some new skirts for spring.
This is seriously one of the easiest skirts you will ever make, even if you don't really know how to sew.
Take a shirt, just a regular t-shirt.
This shirt has hung in my closet for way to long so it had to go.
It looks huge but it is a women's medium.
Cut a straight line all the way across the shirt right under the arms.
Now take the bottom part of the shirt and turn the part that you cut under to form a hem for elastic.  Measure around your child's waist and cut the elastic 2 in. shorter than needed.  Then, put it in the hem and sew your elastic ends together and the hole you left for the elastic.

All done!
Check out what the other bloggers did with their letters.
T is for Table runner - The Happy Scraps
U is for Upcycled skirt - The Potter's Place
V is for View finder  - Crafting in the Rain
W is for Wagon shelf - One Krieger Chick
X is for Xacto knife stamps - Chicken Scratch NY
Y is for Yo-yo headband - Britches n Boots
Z is for Zig Zag tray - Up to Date Interiors
What a fun idea, Steph.  Thanks for letting me join in on the fun!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Working Out At The Gym

If you have been following along here at our place, you know that our family is trying hard to make better choices to get healthy.  We are eating our veggies and trying to workout more {for the parents} and moving and playing more {for the kids}.  I enjoy trying new workouts and so when Becky {I'm so proud of Becky and her weight loss journey} invited me and a few friends, 
Courtney, Kami, Natalie, ME, Whitney, and Becky
Check out their blogs - you will love them.
to workout together at
The Gym at Park Station
I thought, "what the heck? This should be fun."
 Working out with friends is WAY better then working out alone.
 I love vlogging {video blogging}.  Here is what we did.
We had a blast and I fell in love with THE GYM.
It is so nice.  

As I was talking with one of the trainers he mentioned they have a program {ELT} where they teach you what YOUR body needs to get fit. This program is what I NEED.  I told them I was the perfect person for this because I am already working out yet can't seem to lose those few extra pounds. I am learning so much.  There are simple things you can change, like adding more protein to your diet, eating fewer bad carbs, eating before you workout, and actually lifting weights.  Lifting heavy weights is something I am new at.  I have always thought that I will get so buff.  This is not the case.  Now, if you eat a lot of junk and lift then it is nice and strong muscles surrounded by fat SO lifting and eating properly is the best way to get fit and trim.
I started 2 weeks ago with my personal trainer, Asian
{I think this was his first selfie!!!  Notice the sweat on my brow.  I am a hot mess!!!}
and he is awesome.  He pushes me so hard.  For the first few times I could hardly move and I mean hardly move.
So rude!
I was kinda miserable and did I mention I couldn't move?  But I keep going because I know he is waiting for me {and also my friend Becky who works out there, too} and I am READY for this change.
After 2 weeks we took measurements
and I am already seeing improvement and I am feeling great.  I am stronger. Eating better is becoming part of my everyday.  I don't crave the junk anymore.  It is funny how making small changes and having someone push me is making a huge difference.  I will keep you posted on my journey to get fit.

Did you notice our cute clothes in the video?
We were super lucky to work with Albion Fit.
I am a huge fan.  The comfiest workout clothes around.
Guess what?
Albion is giving away $100 gift certificate to one lucky reader.
I hope you win. Good Luck.
Head on over to and then come back and leave a comment telling me what you spend your $100 on.
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