Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back To School

The kids are back to school.  I tell you, this is awesome.  I LOVE having my kids with me - I take them almost everywhere but seriously this is awesome.  The time goes by so fast.  We have had a great summer and have had a lot of fun.  As the new school year comes around it is fun to make new goals, and kinda start over.  As school time approaches, it makes me nervous to send my girls out into the real world and I hope and pray that they do what is right.  We try hard to teach them but we can always use a little more help.  The night before school started, we had a little family home evening and talked about choosing the right.  My husband gave each of the girls a father's blessing and then we gave them CTR {Choose The Right} rings.  Hopefully this will remind them to make good choices at school and with their friends.
First day of school pics.
Kindergarten and 4th grade.
As we were flying out the door {almost late because we were not used to getting up early} I HAD to get a "first day of school" pic.  I looked around for the perfect backdrop and all I had to work with was aluminum siding and a long hall way.  I snapped a couple pics and they turned out awesome.  Thanks stay-cation condo {apartment} for the awesome hallway.

Do you decorate for back to school?
I LOVE to decorate for just about any occasion.
Here is our back to school decor.
Don't mind the beautiful cabinets.
Remember, we don't have a mantel so this is what I have to work with!
Most of these items are actual back to school supplies.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ikea - Last Nights of Summer

Mark your calendars cause Ikea, Draper, UT is having an
Ikea Family member only event.
IKEA is staying open an hour LATER!!!
Not an Ikea family member?  It's not too late.  All you have to do is sign up.
It's FREE.
You can even sign up when you get there.
To see some of the specials click HERE.

Did you see the live AS-IS auction?
You know me, I LOVE the AS-IS section.
It will start at 7pm on Friday Aug 29th with some of
the BEST bargains of the year!
Items will be boxed up and a photo will be up on the screen so you will know what you are buying.
It's going to be fun!
Oh Ikea, you make me so HAPPY.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Your Sister Circle

I feel so honored to be highlighted over at Your Sister Circle today.  It was fun to answer their questions.  Some made me think!  I have never met the sisters but I LOVE them.  I became Instagram friends with Annie and she is a hoot.  She loves cats {I can't stand cats - bad experience and my mom is terrified of them so I come by it naturally} and she makes me smile.  Little by little I am getting to know each sister.  Check out their blog.  It will make you smile, cry, and go away a better person.

Hope you have a great weekend!

On another note...did you see my new do - via Instagram?
This is my neighbor's grandma's old wig.  Too funny!!!
I love Ellen. I literally laugh out loud when I watch her show and I have to dance along with her!
If asked I would say we are sisters!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Back To School Giveaway - $150

We have one week until school starts.  I think my girls are ready but I am not.  This has been the funnest summer yet.  I have enjoyed our lazy days of sleeping in, doing whatever we want, and staying up late.  Well, whether I want it to happen or not, it is!!!  It can cost an arm and a leg getting supplies, new clothes, backpacks, lunch boxes, and new shoes.  So, to help you get ready to go back to school, a few friends of mine and I want to give one lucky winner $150 gift card to Amazon.  SWEET right?
I hope you win.
Click on their logo to check out their blog!

Good luck!

Image Map a Rafflecopter giveaway

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